Video: What If Hercules Was Native?

Vincent Schilling

Since January 10, 2014 marks the release of the new 3-D adventure ‘The Legend of Hercules,” we at Indian Country Today Media Network thought we would pose the following question: What if Hercules was Native?

After we put it out there on social media to see what kind of responses we would get – we have to say, great stuff!

Here are some of the responses we received:

Ken Adams: “I think Hercules was one 64th Cherokee”

Shonie de la Rosa: “Hercules is my cousin brudder from my mudders side we used to herd sheep together”

Kalona Ravenant: T-hawk from the street fighter games could go by the name Hawkules.

We are giving special kudos to Jazzy Boo on Google+  who gave a slew of comments that were right on the money. One of them was “If Hercules was Native, Mount Olympus would be a casino!”

If you decide to go see ‘The legend of Hercules’ let us know what you thought of the movie by reaching out to us on twitter via @Indiancountry or @VinceSchilling.

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