Chris Pruzenski/YouTube
A giant moon sets in upstate New York.

Mother Earth's Acolyte, the Moon, Dances in Space and Time: Videos


With the full moon at its tiniest for the year in January, those among us who look forward to the luminescent, shining orb may be nostalgic for the days of the super moon.

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Those days will return in a few months, but in the meantime there’s no reason that the moon cannot dance for us right here, right now. The first video below gives a grounds-eye, time-lapse view of a glorious setting moon captured in upstate New York about a year ago.

Right underneath is a view caught by a star tracker camera on the Juno spacecraft as it drew near to slingshot around Earth on its way to Jupiter. 

“Although grainy and over-exposed, the images provide a nonetheless remarkable and uncommon view from a human-made craft approaching our world from deep space,” the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement accompanying the video and photo.

In a few months the moon will bloom, be eclipsed and slip between Earth and the sun. But for now we will content ourselves with these vistas. 

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