Marshawn Lynch shows off the Seahawks new uniform in 2012

Nike's New Seattle Seahawks Uniforms Inspired by Native Totem Poles


This article was originally published on 4/5/2012

Nike made "new" uniforms for all 32 football teams in the NFL.  In reality, they simply made technological advancements to material of the uniforms themselves, making them sleeker, tighter, and more strategically padded. As Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, told the USA Today, the jerseys are up to thirty percent lighter, they're made with a four-way stretch that gives players a more contoured fit with less material for tacklers to grab, and there's built-in padding in certain parts of the uniforms. "It's extra layers where you need it and none where you don't," he told the USA Today. As for the actual look of the uniforms, most of the 32 teams in the leagues saw no discernible change in their logos, colors and for the Seattle Seahawks. USA Today reports that the Portland, Oregon-based Nike drew on design features from the team and company's home in the Pacific Northwest, and were inspired by the rich Native history of the region. Specifically, Nike drew on the designs taken from totem poles, making the bird on the helmet come to a significant point on the back.  Instead of the Seahawks taking an Indian name and image for their mascot and logo, they're simply allowing themselves to be inspired by the history and heritage of Native peoples of their region. See for yourself below, and let us know what you think: