Native American Natural Foods/Tony Federico of Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction (FED)
Tony Federico of Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction (FED) praises the picy Pepper Blend Tanka Bar.

Buffalo Jerky Tanka Bars Selling on 375 Reservations; Low-Cal, High-Energy


Oglala Sioux-owned Native American Natural Foods—maker of the delicious buffalo jerky and cranberry bar, known as the Tanka Bar, among many other 100 percent natural, low-calorie, low-carb, high-energy foods—is available on 375 of the more than 550 American Indian reservations in the U.S., reported the Associated Press.

The delicious snacks, also sold as Tanka Sticks, Tanka Bites and Tanka Dogs, are gluten-free, nitrates-free, MSG-free and hormone-free.

The brand has become a favorite among athletes and diabetics. Now the company is reworking its marketing strategy, trying to reach "people on the go." In addition, Native American Natural Foods is starting to shrink-wrap its products to better protect the food, President Mark Tilsen told the AP.

Tony Federico of Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction (FED) recently gave a positive "flash" review of the company's Spicy Pepper Blend Tanka Bar.

"The tanka bar has a sweet spicy flavor and a nice chewy (but not too chewy) texture. This is a great snack to throw in your bag and have on hand for travel or other eating emergencies," Federico said. 

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