Excited for Super Bowl XLVIII! 10 Pics of Native Fans Rooting for Denver or Seattle


The Super Bowl is just a week away and according to a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, roughly 1-in-5 (21 percent) sports fans say they perform some ritual before or while watching their favorite team.

The survey also said, “The majority (66 percent) of rituals center around wearing team jerseys or clothing with the team’s colors. Asked to explain their rituals in their own words, some fans admitted to getting creative in their apparel choice: One fan reports wearing “a dirty pair of underwear ... over my pants and then I put my jersey on.”

Ritual or not, next Sunday is going to be an exciting day for Denver and Seattle fans. Here are a few pics of fans who already have their gameday “uniform” ready to go.

1. The green wig completes the look!

Juneau, Alaska Seahawks Fans with 12 Man paddles (Courtesy Facebook)

2.  We're guessing this guy's a HUGE Bronco fan!

Northern Navajo Nation Fair 2013 (Courtesy Native American Inter-Tribal Mingle Stop)

3. The earrings complete the ensemble. Go Seahawks!

4. Hell Yeah is right. 

(Courtesy Native American Inter-Tribal Mingle Stop)

5. Sporting 12th Man gear, everywhere and anywhere. 

Utahna Brown, Dine from Shiprock, New Mexico. Designed by Jessie Grover Stevens a Haida designer (Courtesy Utahna Brown)

6. Mile-high Salute! 

(Courtesy Native American Inter-Tribal Mingle Stop)

7. Hey, Seattle fans! It doesn't get any better than this.

(Courtesy Justin Finkbonner)

8. Rockin' a scarf for the Broncos (and staying warm)!!

(Courtesy Margo Gray)

9.  The Seahawks defense will be a beast on the field. I think he agrees.

(Courtesy Willie Lane, Lummi)

10. I'll skip the cowboy hat, please. Broncos all the way!

(Courtesy Native American Inter-Tribal Mingle Stop)

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