Christy provided the voice for the Keres part of "America the Beautiful."

Native Language Spotlighted During Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad


One of the seven languages used in the Coca-Cola commercial called “It’s Beautiful” was Keres, a language spoken by Pueblo people.

The commercial showed various scenes of the country from mountains to desert and from rural to inner cities with people singing “America the Beautiful” in their language.

A young woman named Christy provided the singing in Keres for the commercial. “Translating the words to ‘America the Beautiful’ was difficult because Keres is not a written language, so we had to go back to our elders to help translate,” Christy said in a video from Coca-Cola. “I’m representing America, I’m representing my home. It just feels like I’m doing a good thing.”

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Submitted by macaro on
The "Behind the Scenes" video for this ad shows a more complex take on the differences that make up "America."

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Submitted by cpata on
So happy this is out there! I am Paskenta Nomlaki from Tehama County in Northern California. Something about native languages make them immediately identifiable, like Keres. I was disturbed at the negative backlash via the #speakamerican trend. This link to my youtube page is my response.