Tina Larkin
From left, brothers Charles, 3, and Michael Barber, 2, run around camp with Anhinga Benally, 3, July 8 at the 26th Annual Taos Pueblo Powwow in 2011.

10 More Ways to Tell You Might Be Native American

Vincent Schilling

Considering the popularity of our first article on this topic, we decided to continue the Jeff Foxworthy inspired list of ways to tell You Might Be Native American.

Yes we have a few of our own ideas—but some folks on social media also had some great ideas. So here we go—10 MORE ways to tell You Might Be Native American. DNA tests do not apply to this article.

If you point with your lips… You might be Native American

Nicole Harrison on Facebook supplied this Native truth when she wrote, “You might be an Indian if you point with your lips & they know what direction u are pointing. He he.”

If someone ever caught you talking to an animal, the sky or a tree… You might be Native American

We’ve all done it, we’ve been having a full-blown conversation with a lizard or rosebush (or in the case of this picture, a monkey) and someone walks up and catches us. We, of course, come up with a weird excuse or go into a three-hour rendition on the spiritualty of Native Americans and our relationship to animals and plants.

If one of the windows in your house is covered with a blanket… You might be Native American

Jennifer Renee Mars on Facebook called us out on this one. The blanket? It might be a Pendleton or have any type of random design with Indian-style colors, a wolf or a full out picture of a Native American. Of course in case you were wondering, similar sheets also qualify.


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
This isn't the case everywhere in the U.S. but it happens often here in the Southwest., but you can add: If you've ever been stopped by the Border Patrol to prove your citizenship. If you've ever been suspected of being an "illegal immigrant."

hesutu's picture
Submitted by hesutu on
If you sleep on the floor, you might be native. If you dream in another language, you might be native. If you had to write a dictionary because there wasn't one in your language, you might be native. If you are growing foods most people have never heard of, you might be native. If you always give rides to people walking along the road in remote places miles from any town, you might be a native. If you walk along the road in remote places miles from any town, you might be native. If your great-grandparents were slaughtered in cold blood by the US Calvary, you are definitely a native.

Superyob's picture
Submitted by Superyob on
If you were sure there would be a fry bread riot. or If you have owned or do own a fry bread power shirt.

sweetgrass777's picture
Submitted by sweetgrass777 on
Have a viable history, practice your culture and pass it on to your children. This is good enough.

miffyseal's picture
Submitted by miffyseal on
Off course, many full bloods or 3/4 Indians in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington to Alaska look Northeast Asian in appearance. Many can pass for Japanese, Korean, Northern Chinese or Mongolian. Then, you have the other type of Indian that looks like the typical Lakota Sioux Indian or the typical Geronimo.

timoteo's picture
Submitted by timoteo on
First, VInce, you have outdone yourself this time and two, what to say about Justin Bieber? NO COMMENT!

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
TO MIFFYSEAL: I guess I would categorize myself as "the typical Geronimo," but I have to work on my scowl. I'm more likely to smile or laugh unless I'm really, really angry. Geronimo had every reason to be very, very angry. TO MR. V. SCHILLING: Thanks for the mention! I was sitting here LOLing through the whole thing and was totally surprised to see my name at the end. :-)