Alex Jacobs
Kenojuak Ashevak, 'Iqalutsiavak' ('Beautiful Fish'), stonecut & stencil on kozo paper, 2005

'ARTiculations in Print' Takes Over Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Alex Jacobs

Tony Tiger: Full Consciousness of Being

In Tony Tiger's words, “To be fully conscious is to live life physically, mentally and spiritually – to engage the head, heart and hand in the process of being.” Tiger is the Director of Art at Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma, which has produced such Native Art legends as Acee Blue Eagle, Woody Crumbo, Dick West and Ruth Blalock Jones. The son of an old-school Indian Baptist preacher, his own pulpit is now his art, he calls his work a “creative journey of understanding”. He is influenced by Woodlands tribal designs, ribbon-work applique motifs, and all their colors, patterns, shapes and surfaces. He presents the only true paintings in the whole exhibit but they are very graphic oriented, like runs of fabric and textiles or prayers, mantras and visual songs.

Tony Tiger, 'Essence of Being' -- photo courtesy MoCNA.

David Sloan: Endangered Species

This is a very likeable exhibit, with the old Navajo Times advertisements from the 60’s faded in the background that tell the new Navajo consumers “to buy, buy, buy” and in David’s words, “to consume the American monoculture, eating flour, beef, driving cars, using gasoline… entire generations who grew up on the reservation were now being taught where to get their sustenance from…were being taught to change focus from herding, farming, and being nomadic people to survive, to believing in the system of capitalism and economics to provide for the needs of society. All the while Native Americans… were losing rights to homelands, their connection to environment and their languages.” Sloan resolves all these issues by the use of the old consumer ads overlaid by the brightly colored monoprints of endangered species in the Dine language. Hung like prayer flags in 5 rows of 6 different images, ‘Ałtah ‘át’éego Yéé’bii’tádiikááh - Endangered Species, does offer the viewer, the consumer, the audience, choices to be made in their everyday lives, that when they buy indiscriminately they are also harming other living things.

David Sloan, 'Ch'eehdighahii (Turtle)' -- photo courtesy MoCNA.

David Sloan, 'Tsisnalbahi (Honey Bee) -- photo courtesy MoCNA.

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