Alex Jacobs
Kenojuak Ashevak, 'Iqalutsiavak' ('Beautiful Fish'), stonecut & stencil on kozo paper, 2005

'ARTiculations in Print' Takes Over Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Alex Jacobs

Bon a Tirer

Bon a Tirer, (B.A.T.) is a French fine art term meaning, “good to pull” or “ready to pull”, a display of prints from MoCNA’s permanent collection, curated by Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer and Alex Pena. They are all big names, Harry Fonseca, Keri Ataumbi, Duane Slick, C Maxx Stevens, Marie Watt, Emmi Whitehorse and a fine set of brightly colored landscapes by Norman Akers.

Norman Akers, 'The Red Hill' -- photo courtesy MoCNA.

The Place Between

The last exhibit is a delicate dance of two different artists who work in isolation in the same place (Santa Fe) yet appear so similar due to the printmaking process, you think they are the same person as they describe a sense of place and that place is The Place Between. Sallyann Paschall and Alex Pena were invited by curator Ryan Rice because they complemented each other due to their printmaking processes and the conceptual basis of “the original multiple” and creative manipulation.

Sallyann Paschall, 'Mineral Mix' -- photo courtesy MoCNA.

Alex Pena, 'Volatile Certainty No. 8' -- photo courtesy MoCNA.

Sundance Institute’s Native American and Indigenous Program will be featuring short films in the Helen Hardin Media Gallery from January 25 - March 31 and May 24 - July 31. Sikumi (On The Ice) Inupiaq director Andrew Okpeaha MacLean; Nikamowin (Song) Swampy Cree director Kevin Lee Burton; Shimasani Navajo director Blackhorse Lowe; Gesture Down – I Don’t Sing , director Cedar Sherbert’s (Kumeyaay) adaption of a James Welch poem; Two Cars One Night/New Zealand, director Taika Waititi (Te Whanau Apanui) an unlikely first love story.

MoCNA ‘s last show was wall-oriented but very 3D, objects out in the middle of the rooms, hanging off walls, jutting into space making the viewer meander around like you were in some Indians’ home full of wonderful art. This 2D exhibit works very well also, giving the viewer more space to visually capture each piece. ARTiculations in Print runs from January 25 to July 31. The Museum’s Indian Market Show will follow these exhibits. Gaw! Already talking about the 93rd annual Indian Market, o-wah!

Alex Jacobs, Santa Fe NM

January 22, 2014



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