At the site of an extensive development project in downtown Miami, archaeologists say they have uncovered a village dating back 2,000 years.

Historic Importance of Tequesta Village Site in Florida Becoming Clear


The developer knew the risks going in—MDM Development Group bought the land in downtown Miami, Florida a decade ago full well knowing it sat inside a designated archaeological zone.

Now, after months of discovery, archaeologists are saying the find is one of the most significant prehistoric sites in the country and that it should be preserved.

So far, they have dug up eight uniform circles they believe to be foundation holes for Tequesta Indian dwellings that date as far back as 2,000 years, reports the Miami-Herald

“What’s unusual and unique about the site is that it’s this huge chunk of land where a major part of this ancient Tequesta village site is preserved,’’ Bob Carr, the veteran South Florida archaeologist leading the dig, told the Miami-Herald. “It’s one of the earliest urban plans in eastern North America. You can actually see this extraordinary configuration of these buildings and structures.’’


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