John Berrey, business committee chairperson for the Quapaw Tribe.

Quapaw Tribe Discovers Slave Cemetery on Newly Acquired Ancestral Land


The Quapaw Tribe recently purchased some land in Little Rock, Arkansas, but was surprised at what they discovered there—an unmarked slave cemetery, reports KARK Channel 4.

The land purchased was part of the tribe’s original reservation, so “it’s a very important piece of land to us,” the tribe’s business chairman John Berrey said. The tribe lived on this land in the 1800s before being forcibly relocated to Oklahoma.

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After purchasing the 160-acre plot of land near the Little Rock Port Authority, the tribe commissioned an archaeological survey according to Channel 4.


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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Sad and one can only help but wonder whether the people "selling" the land back KNEW about the graveyard.