Prime Minister Stephen Harper has consistently refused to convene a national inquiry into the high incidence of unsolved murders and disappearances of indigenous women.

10 Unheeded Calls for a Canadian Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

David P. Ball

6. New Democratic Party

The New Democratic Party, Canada's Official Opposition in government, issued an official call for a national inquiry as marches took place across Canada last February 14. The social democratic party, which pushed aside the Liberals in the 2011 elections to become the second-largest force in Parliament, said it was standing with aboriginal leaders and organizations such as Human Rights Watch “to demand a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.”New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair (Photo: David P. Ball)

“A national, open inquiry is the only way to get justice for the women who have been murdered as well as their families and communities,” said Niki Ashton, the party's Status of Women Critic. “Successive governments have failed Aboriginal women. Continuing to ignore this national tragedy is unacceptable and will not make it go away. It is a national disgrace that in a country like Canada, women have so little trust in the police. A national inquiry is a necessary first step towards rebuilding this relationship and putting an end to violence against Aboriginal women.”

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