Prime Minister Stephen Harper has consistently refused to convene a national inquiry into the high incidence of unsolved murders and disappearances of indigenous women.

10 Unheeded Calls for a Canadian Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

David P. Ball

8. Disgraced Senator Patrick Brazeau

Possibly the national inquiry campaign's most unwelcome supporter was a Conservative who has since fallen dramatically from grace in Canada amidst of litany of criminal charges including fraud, as reported by CBC News, and domestic violence, detailed in the National Post. Ousted Senator Patrick Brazeau, Algonquin, might not have been the endorsement that anybody was hoping for. But in November 2012 the former head of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples released a song he wrote for missing aboriginal women, “Come Back to Me.”Patrick Brazeau

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Brazeau stood out as the only Conservative to join the opposition parties in backing a national inquiry. Nevertheless, the endorsement received an unsurprisingly lukewarm reception from organizations.

“I don’t know what’s behind it,” admitted NWAC president Michele Audette. “Is it sincere? I have no idea. “But one thing that’s clear: he’s a public figure who represents a government that’s staying really quiet on this national strategy demand. It’s an emergency and a crisis.”

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