Prime Minister Stephen Harper has consistently refused to convene a national inquiry into the high incidence of unsolved murders and disappearances of indigenous women.

10 Unheeded Calls for a Canadian Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

David P. Ball

9. Liberal Party of Canada

Immediately after Brazeau released his song, the Senate reiterated the Liberal Party's support for a national inquiry, the Aboriginal People’s Television Network reported.

“I am encouraged that the Honourable Senator Brazeau has recently come onside with the need for a national inquiry,” said Liberal Senator Lillian Dyck. “I hope he can convince his Conservative colleagues to also come onside and make a national inquiry a reality.”

In the absence of a formal inquiry commission, however, Liberals started investigating anyway.

Senator Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, from Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick, launched an internal Senate investigation into missing and murdered women. Likewise, former Liberal leader Bob Rae supported a similar investigation in the House of Commons during his term.

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