Lake Superior State University/Malloree McLeod
Lake Superior State University student members of the Enactus business club, Nikki Stratelak (pictured on the left) and Sara Loughrige explain differences between sports drinks to Joseph K. Lumsden Bahweting Anishnabe first-graders during a January 29 visit.

College Students Teach Youngsters How to Make Healthy Choices

Lake Superior State University

The outreach effort continues on March 15 with a community-cooking seminar in the Cisler Center's Superior Room on the Lake Superior State University campus in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Session one will review some easy ways elders can save money on groceries and cook with a variety of inexpensive ingredients. Session two, for parents with young children, will explore strategies to get kids into the kitchen to help with cooking. The third part is for high school seniors and college freshman, and will share ways to cook healthy and affordable meals in a dorm.

The university’s Enactus chapter also hopes to enter its campaign into a nationwide marketing plan competition that includes university chapters from all over North America.


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