Jackie McNeel
Numerous statues of Sacajawea include her baby “Pomp” such as this statue at the Sacajawea Center in Salmon, Idaho.

Native History: Sacajawea Gives Birth to Young Explorer Pompey

Jack McNeel

Clark offered to raise the child like one of his own and paid for his education at a Catholic school in St. Louis and treated him like an adopted son. He learned to speak Spanish, German, and French and traveled in Germany and Africa before returning to the western United States. His later years were spent trapping, mining, and exploring the west, dying in 1866 en route to gold fields in Montana. He was 61.

Signature of William Clark, from July 25, 1806 at Pompeys Pillar National Monument in Montana. (Bureau of Land Management/Wikimedia)

The image of Jean Baptiste “Pomp” Charbonneau is included with Sacajawea on the gold dollar. Many of the statues of Sacajawea also include her infant son.

His gravesite is south of Jordan Valley, Oregon near the juncture of Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada.


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