This retro smoke signal design is available at Zazzle, but we don't suggest it for your Native friends.

10 Native-Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid

Vincent Schilling

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a naked baby shooting arrows into your heart. But what if the baby was Native? Now that would be an appropriate Native-themed Valentine’s Day! Before you romantics run out to grab chocolates, flowers and maybe a teddy bear—we thought you might like to reflect on some other possibilities… to avoid.

If your loved one happens to be Native American and you are considering any of these gifts, you should think about sticking to the chocolate and flowers. Otherwise cupid won’t be the only one shooting an arrow at you.

Customizable Native American Vintage Valentine Tie

As the Zazzle website says, “What’s a tailored suit without a custom tie! Create one-of-a-kind ties for yourself or your loved ones.” And nothing says fashion more appropriately than the description: “O, be mine, fairest of maidens! Heap hard heart.” An Indian maiden hides behind a heart-shaped shield as love's arrows are fired by a Native American in this vintage Valentine from 1908 by Ellen Clapsaddle. And it’s only $35.

Native Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

Terms like “UGH! UGH! Give me your heart Valentine,” “UGH! Me want you for ‘um Valentine,” “Honest Injun Valentine, I’m wild about you!” and “I’d never ‘Squawk’ if you’d be my Valentine,” aren’t going to go over too smooth—especially since the one kid looks like he’s got orange flaming carrots on his head and the others… well, I’ll just stop now.

Retro Smoke Signal Gift Items

I have to give Zazzle some credit—they just don’t seem to be letting up on their plethora of Retro Smoke Signal “I’m After Your Scalp, Valentine” gifts. They even have dog shirts, infant onesies, hats, aprons and more!

Printfection Native Cupid T-Shirt

The folks at Printfection have put some real thought into their Native American Cupid, who flies across this shirt not wearing a diaper, but a breech cloth. This just screams Valentine’s Day. Remember this cute little Native American Cupid shoots arrows straight and true.

Indian Chief Jewelry Box

Again… Zazzle. But hey, if you were looking to put some jewelry into a box with a picture of a Plains-style Native American chief holding red balloons—you are in luck! Don’t forget, this isn’t just any old jewelry box – it’s PREMIUM.

A Romance Novel

With a book description stating such things as “Monster bones. They were the stuff of Indian legend…and…Forbidden. Any relationship between a Cree chief and a white woman was prohibited,” you know you are in some savage Indian love territory. Considering Cassie Edwards’ first 99 books—a majority of which were about Native American tribes, sold 10 million copies and her grandmother was a full blooded Cheyenne—Savage Love is a must buy.

Turquoise Gemstone Spike Stacking Cuff

Here is something from the Wanelo shopping community for the tumultuous relationship that says “I love you Native-style” combined with a bit of “self-defense instrumentation.” This is not a gift you want to give your girl if you are trying to get out of the dog house—make sure you are on good terms first. Also great for tough neighborhoods that are fashion conscious.

Raggedy Hide Buffalo Boots

Not much more can be said about these almost $800 handmade Raggedy buffalo boots on Etsy. They also have green beads and, “Hey, they’re custom!”

Feather Ear Cuff

Nothing and I mean nothing says Native Valentine love more than a series of feathers and crystals that look like that are shooting straight from your loved-ones ears. The clincher of course is that dangling chain.

Disney’s Peter Pan

Alright, let’s face it—sometimes romance might have to take a back seat considering there is a house full of kids. So why not make a Valentine’s Day family night? The kids might want to know how the redman became red—it is outlined in “Peter Pan.” Thanks Disney!



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They have a page on facebook here is the link.. Go here and chew them out.

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Michael Madrid
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Maybe these things are just "honoring" us? How can people be so insensitive? What if Native Americans published Valentine's Day cards that read, "I'd slaughter a whole village full of women and children to be next to you?