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The cover art for “Killer of Enemies” stars Raven-Sky as Lozen. These were the many possibilities for the cover.

‘Killer of Enemies’ Brings Apache Warrior Lozen to Life

Leeanne Root

Q: You’ve been a storyteller for a long time. I remember reading Children of the Longhouse when I was growing up, how have your stories changed since then?

Oh my, has it been that long? But seeing as how I am a grandfather several times over, I guess it must be so. I would say that it is not so much that my stories have changed as that I have learned more about them as I’ve grown older. The same story may mean one thing to a child, another to a parent and yet another to an old codger like yours truly. If anything, I have more respect for those stories now and

I realize how little I know in comparison to the knowledge they carry. It’s been my honor to be able to carry them for a ways along the path that began long before my breath and stretches far beyond it. And the fact that my two sons are deeply committed to storytelling—and that my younger son Jesse as a fluent speaker of Abenaki can tell any and all of the stories he knows in both Abenaki and English—is both a joy and a very humbling thing to me. 

Joseph Bruchac is seen here with his son Jesse. (Pequot Museum Library)

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I've loved Joseph Bruchac's books since I first discovered them. Geronimo was a particularly good one (I'm biased because I'm N'de - Apache) and it tells the story of his life AFTER capture. I'm looking forward to this book because ALL of Bruchac's books are fun to read. I know this one will be appreciated by high school students.