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The cover art for “Killer of Enemies” stars Raven-Sky as Lozen. These were the many possibilities for the cover.

‘Killer of Enemies’ Brings Apache Warrior Lozen to Life

Leeanne Root

Q: Is there any significance of there being four Ones?

Four, of course, is one of the cardinal numbers in so many of our Native cultures. Four directions. Four seasons. Four grandparents. Four wheels on our pick-up trucks. And in many of our traditional tales our heroines or heroes have to face and defeat four enemies. So, that might explain why I created four Ones. Or maybe I was just partway through a directory search that day. 4...1...

Q: How does it feel to be recognized with a 2014 American Indian Youth Literature Awards from the American Indian Library Association?

I could not be happier about winning that award. It means so much to me to have something I have written recognized by librarians, in general. I have always loved and admired librarians. But to have such a recognition come from Native librarians?

Wow! That makes it four times as meaningful to me.

Why four times? You guess.

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I've loved Joseph Bruchac's books since I first discovered them. Geronimo was a particularly good one (I'm biased because I'm N'de - Apache) and it tells the story of his life AFTER capture. I'm looking forward to this book because ALL of Bruchac's books are fun to read. I know this one will be appreciated by high school students.