T.J. Oshie and his girlfriend, Lauren Cosgrove.

Olympic Star T.J. Oshie's Girlfriend, Lauren Cosgrove, Also a Gold Medalist


T.J. Oshie, Ojibwe, catapulted into the spotlight after a game-winning goal against Russia on Saturday. This newfound stardom means that the world is going to learn a lot more about the power forward and his personal life.

Oshie fans may know that he has a fiancée, Lauren Cosgrove who is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child together. Cosgrove is not in Sochi for the Olympics, but she is cheering for her fiancé back home in the states. On the day of Oshie's big win, she tweeted, "Whooo!" in support of his big play and added to the #oshievrussia hashtag:

They also sent tweets to each other for Valentine's Day:

As his popularity in America begins to grow so, undoubtly, will hers. But while Cosgrove waits for Oshie to return home, and hockey fans wait for Team USA's next matchup, Slovakia or the Czech Republic, let’s take a look at the couple's fun sense of humor (and quirky outfits).

Oshie and Cosgrove in fun cowboy outfits (



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Submitted by sweetgrass777 on the writer of this story must get a kick out of looking at a white woman in skimpy outfits. I feel it is distasteful and an overkill. To be honest who really cares???? If you are going to write the article about his accomplishments then write it. I do not need to be subjected to a half dressed bimbo. Keep the stories focused on Meaningful Native news that is important to the community. If you want to go have fantasies then do it when you are alone at home sleeping. Worship your White Gods there ok. Here is not the place for it. Give us something better to read!