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Rapper Angel Haze as depicted on the cover of her album 'Dirty Gold.'

Hear Angel Haze Spit Rhymes Over A Tribe Called Red's Pow Wow Beats


Fans of the Electric Pow Wow or Pow Wow Step style of dance music invented by the DJ trio A Tribe Called Red have plenty to celebrate these days -- not only has the group been nominated for two Juno awards (see our ATCR interview here), they collaborated with celebrated rapper Angel Haze, Cherokee, on a track that has drawn favorable reviews from critics. The Guardian called the stompy jam "fantastic" in a review of Haze's album, Dirty Gold, and the website Consequence of Sound picked it as one of the album's three "essential" tracks.

The tune is actually called "A Tribe Called Red," and features Haze's signature spitfire lyrical style over unmistakable  A Tribe Called Red beats, and was produced by A Tribe Called Red. 

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Joyce Mullins
Joyce Mullins
Submitted by Joyce Mullins on
well she came in and went out like a wrecking ball right. I don't get the stuffed critters on her show. I can understand the humping on a car etc, but the stuffed toys are out for me. have fun miley everyone else has tried to shock the people of the world and you won't be the last. I tried it myself a few times. nicks the tongue crap.

Joyce Mullins
Joyce Mullins
Submitted by Joyce Mullins on
I love you angel girl. You have something to say and you say it.