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UCONN's Moriah Jefferson drives offense against Shoni Schimmel at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville. U of L fans celebrated Native Appreciation and Senior Night in Schimmel's last regular season home game.

Shoni Schimmel Appreciation Night: Tough Stage, Great Crowd


Schimmel’s teammate, and U of L Guard Tia Gibbs agreed. "We're witnessing something that hasn't been done in women's basketball," Gibbs said. "We go anywhere in the country, and we've got more fans in red than the other team has on their home floor. I think it goes to show Shoni and Jude's character. They're special people, and what they're doing for the whole Native American culture is very special. And they're kind of showing them what can be done, just if you jump out on a leap of faith. That’s what Shoni and Jude did.”

Fans hold up signs during Native Appreciation Night at KFC Yum! Center on Monday night. (University of Louisville/Mike DeZarn)

"Every place we go, there's a big following for them," Cardinals’ coach Jeff Walz said. "What we're doing now, it's not just the basketball part of it."


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Submitted by bullbear on
ICTMN staff, can you add more game photos of the cheering tribal nations and perhaps let the readers hear from the proud parents? Although Louisville was bested by Connecticut, its now tournament time and the excitement will continue a bit longer before the Schimmel basketball duo comes to an end at U of L. I appreciate all that the Schimmel family has done to inspire native youth, not only to excel in sports, but to seek a place for their selves in higher education. You will always be winners - regardless of what the scoreboard reads when the end of game buzzer sounds. Thanks for the great ride!