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New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, left, and Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation representative and CEO of Nation Enterprises at the signing of the historic agreement last year. On March 4, the agreement was finalized by U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Kahn.

Oneida Nation and New York Agreement Gets Final Approval


In addition, the Oneida Nation agreed to waive the gaming exclusivity provision with respect to the Cayuga Nation conducting casino gaming (pursuant to IGRA on lands within the boundaries of the area claimed by the Cayuga Indian Nation to constitute its reservation acknowledged in Article II of the Treaty of Canandaigua) or to bar the State from negotiating with the Cayuga Nation with respect to such gaming.

“This agreement is a product of the hard work of those like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and county leaders who believed that we have far more to gain when we reject divisiveness and embrace a spirit of collaboration,” Halbritter said. “In advance of today’s announcement, we have been making special investments in our enterprises that aim to continue producing the public revenues, job growth and economic development that we have been generating for the last two decades. With New York state as our partner, we are excited about beginning a new era of shared prosperity.”


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