Cherokee Nation
Pictured in the front row, from left, are Keeley Godwin, Kassidy “Tye” Carnes, Carly Copeland, Jordan McLaren and Jamekah Rios. Pictured in the back row, from left, are Elizabeth Burns, Charli Barnoskie, Jacob Chavez, Chance Rudolph and Zane Scullawi. Not pictured: Cassie Moore, Adriana Collins and Madison Taylor.

Cherokee Nation Selects 2014 Remember the Removal Riders

Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation has selected 13 Cherokee students for the 2014 Remember the Removal Bike Ride. Each summer, Cherokee students retrace the path their Cherokee ancestors were forced to walk along the northern route of the Trail of Tears.

“I’ve wanted to do this ride for years,” said Cassie Moore, a 24-year-old student at Northeastern State University. “I am very excited to be selected and ready to accept the challenge that will come with it. I’m not only excited to meet new people, but help my fellow riders endure this journey that our ancestors overcame.”

The Remember the Removal Bike Ride begins in New Echota, Georgia in late May and will follow the northern route of the Trail of Tears ending in Oklahoma. The 950-mile journey spans Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Riders will put their bodies to the test as they travel an average of 60 miles a day for three weeks, mirroring in part the hardships of their Cherokee ancestors who made the same trek on foot. Of the estimated 16,000 Cherokees who were forced to make the journey to Indian Territory, 4,000 died due to exposure, starvation and disease giving credence to the name Trail of Tears.


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