Cherokee Nation
Pictured in the front row, from left, are Keeley Godwin, Kassidy “Tye” Carnes, Carly Copeland, Jordan McLaren and Jamekah Rios. Pictured in the back row, from left, are Elizabeth Burns, Charli Barnoskie, Jacob Chavez, Chance Rudolph and Zane Scullawi. Not pictured: Cassie Moore, Adriana Collins and Madison Taylor.

Cherokee Nation Selects 2014 Remember the Removal Riders

Cherokee Nation

On the journey, the Remember the Removal riders will visit various gravesites and historic landmarks along the Trail, including Blythe Ferry in Tennessee, which was the last piece of Cherokee homeland the ancestors stood on before beginning the trek to Indian Territory and Mantle Rock in Kentucky, which provided shelter to the ancestors as they waited for the Ohio River to thaw in order to cross safely.

These are the students selected for this year’s ride:

Cassie Moore, 24, Tahlequah, Northeastern State University

Charli Barnoskie, 24, Tahlequah, Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley

Adriana Collins, 21, Claremore, University of Oklahoma

Keeley Godwin, 21, Welling, Northeastern State University

Carly Copeland, 18, Eucha, University of Tulsa

Jordan McLaren, 18, Tahlequah, Sequoyah High School

Zane Scullawi, 18, Collinsville, Oologah High School

Chance Rudolph, 17, Claremore, homeschool

Elizabeth Burns, 17, Claremore, Claremore High School

Jamekah Rios, 17, Stilwell, Sequoyah High School

Madison Taylor, 17, Claremore, Verdigris High School & Rogers State University

Jacob Chavez, 16, Tahlequah, Sequoyah High School

Kassidy “Tye” Carnes, 16, Tahlequah, Tahlequah High School


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