AIANTA Brings Native Culture to Berlin for Largest Travel Trade Show


In Berlin, Germany on March 5, representatives of the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association met with the U.S. Ambassador to Germany John B. Emerson and eighty Turkish-German high school students to share their culture at one of the largest travel trade shows in the world.

At ITB Berlin, the Leading Travel Industry Think Tank, AIANTA representatives presented a copy of American Indians and the Civil War to the Carl-von-Ossietzy high school library, and tribal delegations from Tundra Tours of Alaska, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Sky City Cutural Center of New Mexico, Native American Tourism of Wisconsin (NATOW), the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers, Monument Valley Tours and Monument Valley Simpson’s Trailhandler Tours, LLC made regalia presentatiaons to the students, according to a press release.

“Today in meeting these young people, AIANTA began its outreach mission to share Indian Country with the world,” said Camille Ferguson, executive director of AIANTA, in a news release.

Heike Mead, who is the coordinator of Outreach & Cultural Programs for the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs, said that the school visit was an amazing and interesting experience for students. “I am certain they learned many new and fascinating facts about Native American culture and traditions," Mead said in a news release. "The Carl-von-Ossietzky high school is a Turkish-German high school, with many of the students being of Turkish origin.”

 AIANTA also sponsored an American Indian Pavillion at ITB Berlin, which provides tribal tourism departments a chance to highlight their programs and tour packages to the European tourism industry.   

Fox News Latino reported that deals worth 6.5 billion euros ($9.01 billion) were closed during the travel fair, organizers said; and that some 170,000 people visited this year's event, which drew 10,147 exhibitors from 189 countries to Germany's capital.

"It is once again clear how important and relevant a fair like this is for forming personal relationships with partners and clients despite the fact that society is increasingly more digital," German Tourism Industry Association, or BTW, president Michael Frenzel told Fox News Latino.

The trade show was five days long, ending on March 9.


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Submitted by redhaircrow on
Was privileged to met a couple of the delegates from Wisconsin or Mid-West region and escort them around Berlin during their stay. The ITB is a huge event for Germany and a meetpoint for people from around the world. I hope it will continue and grow to be an even greater opportunity for Europeans and others to gain first hand, accurate information about Native American Indians from Native American Indians in a setting conductive to positive learning.