If Liam Neeson has his way, horses like this won't end up on the dole.

How Did I Miss That? Liam Neeson Rescues Horses; Russell Crowe Banned

Steve Russell

March 7 and 8 were the National Days of Unplugging, when participants were supposed to disengage from the virtual world and pay attention to friends and family. My Cousin Ray Sixkiller pointed out that they ask you to register on line for email updates and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter—then he headed out to his grandson’s soccer game.

There’s a new political slogan, “Girls With Books!” A look at this video explains how something so ordinary becomes dangerous in parts of the world:

I asked Cousin Ray for a pithy comment, but he was busy helping his granddaughter with her homework.

Actor Liam Neeson has brought his celebrity to bear against the animal rights movement to ban horse-drawn carriage rides around Central Park in New York. Cousin Ray said he hopes any ban will “grandfather” currently working horses. “They make it sound like the horses will end up retired in sunlit fields of alfalfa, when they’d more likely end up in a can of Alpo.”

Juan Cole blogs that “Egypt’s al-Azhar seminary, the foremost legal and intellectual religious center in the Sunni Muslim world, called for a ban on the film Noah in Egypt.” While Islam recognizes the Great Flood story as fact, some Islamic scholars ban the depiction of patriarchs or prophets in any manner—paintings, statues, or film. Cole sees the controversy over the ban as a test of separation between mosque and state in the “new” Egypt. “Wait for it,” grumbled Cousin Ray, “somebody will put a fatwa on Russell Crowe for playing Noah.”

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation, quoted by The Washington Post on the Boeing 777 missing on a flight from Malaysia to China: "This unprecedented missing aircraft mystery—as you can put it—it is mystifying." Cousin Ray Sixkiller: “Sure glad he cleared that up.”

Democrats threaten to derail Las Vegas as frontrunner for the 2016 GOP convention by promising to follow delegates around with video cameras and post the videos on line. This may be so scary that pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s offer to help with the tab won’t be enough. Cousin Ray said he, too, had heard the rumor that there is sin in Sin City, “but we’ll be OK if David Vitter stays home in Louisiana, where there is no sin.”


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My favorite lines: “If you want to keep the minimum wage low to benefit the working poor,” Cousin Ray reminded me, “it only makes sense to cut the School Lunch Program to benefit poor kids.” Rep. Paul Ryan: “What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul.” Cousin Ray Sixkiller: “Even Ayn Rand reads a little better on a full stomach..."