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Left to right: David Vosburgh, director of Los Alamos’ Pajarito Mountain Native ski program, and (left) Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee leading a gratitude prayer with (from right to left) Olympic ski and gymnastics gurus George Hery, and Michael and Debbie Capelotti next to Sipapu in the Ceremonial Kiva at Bandelier Canyon. Miraculously, Sipapu Ski Area just adopted Pajarito’s program to help heal America, like Mandela did through joyful sports!

Sipapu Ski Continues Snow Sports Outreach to Tribal Youth


When lack of snow at Pajarito Mountain Ski in New Mexico caused the resort to close for the time being, neighboring Sipapu Ski Area joined Ski Santa Fe in continuing Parajito's unprecedented snow sports outreach to tribal youth from New Mexico and Arizona.

On February 26, New Mexico’s Sipapu Ski announced it has joined Pajarito Mountain and Ski Santa Fe in offering affordable skiing and snowboarding opportunities to the tribal members of New Mexico and Arizona.

Aaron Fry (Cherokee/Chickasaw), son-in-law of the Laguna Governor Stan Lucero, was instrumental in bringing the First Time/"Never Ever Skiers and Boarders" program to Sipapu, a mom and pop ski area with a Native American name, wrote Olympian Suzy Chaffee, a crusader for teaching Native youth the joy of snow sports, on

Read more about Parajito's efforts to make snow sports more accessible to Native youth on Indian Country Today Media Network:

New Mexico-Arizona Tribal Ski Programs Help to Heal America

More information about Sipapu's expansion is available at

For more information about the First Time/"Never Ever Skiers and Boarders" program at Sipapu, see below.

First time/”Never  Ever Skiers and Boarders"

Cost is $25 for a full day lift ticket, full-day ski or snowboard rentals and a two-hour group lesson for any card-carrying Native American of New Mexico and Arizona.  

The offer is good for children, students and their trip chaperones at Sipapu and Pajarito ski areas. 

Santa Fe’s  program is a little different; the resort is offering a one-time only similar ski package for First time/”Never  Ever Skiers  and boarders” ages 6–16  only—the first step to a fun lifetime sport.

If Ski Parajito gets more snow, it could reopen!

You need to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance at all three ski areas, so they can get you in group classes, by contacting Sue Leslie, Sipapu’s Ski School Director, at 800-587-2240 or [email protected];
Ski Santa Fe director Bill Gould at 505-992-5084 or;

And Pajarito, if its open again, at; contact David Vosburgh at [email protected].

Suzy Chaffee encourages skiers to thank everyone to help ensure these programs continue and spread to even more states.

"We only have one more month of good snow left so please take advantage of this most generous offer in America!" Chaffee says.

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