ESPN used UND's old "Fighting Sioux" mascot during it's weekend broadcast

ESPN Uses Old ‘Sioux’ Mascot in On-air Mixup


Has the University of North Dakota reverted back to its former logo? No, technically, UND has no mascot.

But what appeared to be an on-air mistake during ESPN’s March Madness coverage over the weekend left some viewers confused. The network flashed the University of North Dakota’s old “Fighting Sioux” logo alongside the Weber State Wildcats logo during a halftime report, according to Deadspin.

During the 1930s, the university officially adopted the name “Fighting Sioux” for its athletic teams. In 2005, UND was placed on a list of schools with Native American nicknames that the NCAA said were hostile and abusive, and therefore, had to be changed. In June 2012, the university dropped the Sioux logo as its nickname after Sioux County, home of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, voted 184 to 159 in favor of droppingit. Currently, state law prohibits the university from adopting a new team name until 2015.

UND's former logo

The logo was designed by Ben Brien a UND graduate and a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.

UND lost its bid for the NCAA tournament to the Weber State Wildcats 88-67 in Saturday’s game. The Wildcats have bested them in the tourney six times previously, ever since UND joined the Big Sky in July 2012.

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