Chastity Danielle Delorme/Facebook
Chastity Danielle Delorme posted this selfie as a way to combat stereotypes of aboriginal and First Nations people.

Challenge: Combat Stereotypes With Selfies and Social Media


A First Nations University of Canada student in Regina has challenged aboriginal and First Nations people to take selfies and share them on social media as a way to combat stereotypes, reports CBC News.

“I want to educate the culturally insensitive people that still exist in my community,” Chastity Danielle Delorme said on her Facebook page when she posted her selfie.

She used the following hashtags: #notyourstereotype, #notyourtonto, #notyourmascot, #notyourpocahontas, #uofrcheerteam, and #geteducated.

CBC reports that she was inspired in part by the recent University of Regina cheer and dance team dressing like cowboys and Indians.

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“These stereotypes are still not gone and it’s up to people like me and my leaders to help define in a better way who we are,” Delorme told CBC News Tuesday. “You know we are everyday people.”

What photos will you post to get Delorme’s movement going?

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