Wes Studi and Jason Momoa in a scene from 'Road to Paloma,' which will be released in July.

Living in the Dirt, Making Art: Jason Momoa Explains 'Road to Paloma'

Vincent Schilling

You worked with your wife Lisa Bonet in this film -- what's their relationship on screen?

She plays a wayward gypsy who lives off the rez in some sort of hippie encampment. My character meets her broken down on the side of the road, and they fall in love. You want them to be together, but they can't, obviously.

Was it fun to act with your wife in the film?

Yes but it's also nerve-racking because your love is there -- but at the same time is a dream come true to work with her.

What can you say about the experience of making a real movie on what is, by Hollywood standards, a very small budget?

I was tired of waiting for this role to come along. This was what I wanted to do. We did this with several of my friends and in the can it cost about $250,000. We went and shot it we lived in the dirt and made art. It was one of the greatest times of our lives.

Just being on set all the time, you don't need all those people. Every one of us who worked together wore ten hats -- you just get in there and do what you want to do and have fun with the project.

Would you say the playing field is leveling for filmmakers?

When technology is at our fingertips the way it is now, yes the playing field is leveled. Things are cheaper to make now. What this really comes down to is just sitting by a fire and telling a good story. You can blow the shit out of all kinds of things, color it up and 3-D it, but the truth of it is a story is just a story and that will never change. It's just a matter of learning your craft so you can go out and tell it.


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Sounds like the political/moral/emotional conundrum that is an NDNs life. I am anxious to see this film and wonder if anyone is going to complain that the lead role ISN'T being played by a North American NDN?

Lisa Guse
Lisa Guse
Submitted by Lisa Guse on
I cannot wait to see this movie, but I am already frustrated. The plot has me squirming all over the place. I feel so bad for Wolf already ! Please let it end well. Good luck to Pride of Gypsies and I look forward to new projects in the future.