This image of Little Wolf and Dull Knife was taken in 1873.

Native History: Chief Little Wolf Surrenders, Establishes Reservation

Christina Rose

Unlike most other reservations, Littlebear said the reservation was established by a presidential executive order rather than through Congress. “Through Little Wolf’s leadership and perseverance, he managed to make it to Fort Keogh without major battles, and that’s what has been minimized because of subsequent events,” he said.

Those “subsequent events” resulted in Little Wolf’s isolation and loss of stature after he killed tribal member Starving Elk for inappropriate thoughts and actions towards Little Wolf’s wife and daughter, Grinnell wrote. Though Little Wolf lost all he had gained, there was no denying, without him, the Northern Cheyenne might never have experienced the return of their homelands.

Full image of Little Wolf and Dull Knife.


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