It's spring! Time to take off those winter jackets and enjoy the sunshine!

10 Things Native Americans Can Do to Prepare for Spring

Vincent Schilling

Ahh the rites of spring… the robins are all over the lawn looking for bugs. The rains are coming in and the small flowers and herbs are beginning to sprout and bloom. But during this time of year, there are certain preparations Native people may want to consider before embarking on another season of sunshine and picnic bliss.

To prepare for anything that might come up this spring season, we have compiled this list entitled of 10 things Native Americans can do to prepare for spring:

Shave Your Wolf

Now there is nothing wrong with owning a dog that is six feet tall when it leans its front paws on your shoulders, but for gosh sakes, those things are used to living in the cold winter forests, not the hot deserts (or minivans without air conditioning)—you need to shave those poor pups. Not only that, it will save clean up time from excessive shedding.

Wolves have lots of fur, and so can some of your pups, trim that fur for the warm months. (Thinkstock)


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