Navajo Technical University
2013-2014 Navajo Technical University Student of the Year Malanie Begay of Crownpoint, New Mexico conducts dendrochronological research on Pinyon Pine and Douglas Fir DNA in NTU’s environmental science and natural resources classroom.

NTU Student of the Year Has the Formula to Success


“I’m amazed at the progress and the benefits I’m reaping from (the university),” explained Begay. “I wish the community would realize what they have here at NTU. It’s something unique. The instructors here are amazing. They’re the ones making a difference.”

While Begay is sure to make a difference with the work she is currently conducting in and outside of the classroom, she plans on putting a career on hold until she finishes her education.

“My priority is to finish and afterwards I’d like to go to graduate school,” stated Begay, who’s aspiring to obtain a master’s degree in GIS with an emphasis in environmental science. “I had a goal of getting a bachelor’s degree for such a long time, and now that I’m this close, it’s insane not to keep going.”

The American Indian College Fund and the Adolf Coors Foundation sponsor the Student of the Year program, and they empower each eligible tribal college participating in the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to select their own student. In being named Student of the Year, Begay will be awarded a $1,000 check that may be used to pay tuition, fees, room and board, books or any other educational need.

Begay is the third environmental science and natural resources major to be named NTU Student of the Year in the past three years following in the footsteps of Sherwin Becenti of Crystal, New Mexico and Dwight Carlston of Falcon’s Nest, New Mexico.

For more information about NTU’s environmental science and natural resources program contact Steve Chischilly at


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