Florida State University's new logo

The 10 Best Twitter Comments About FSU's New Logo


Well folks, here it is. Florida State University has a new logo.

Liz Maryanski, vice president of the university announced that the “iconic” mascot was due for an upgrade on April 2, but the logo leaked before its actual reveal date of April 11.

Maryanski told ESPN that the changes would be “very minor” and that “the primary thing people will see is consistency in the garnet.”

The alternations were also represented to James Billie, the chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, who according to ESPN, signed off on the changes.

“The school was behind the changes and they submitted it to the Tribe for approval,” said Gary Bitner the tribe’s spokesperson. “It’s the relationship they have and the respect [Florida State] has for the Tribe that they wanted to reach out to the Tribe.” 

But, there’s already a petition for the university to revert back to its old logo, and it’s being slammed on the social media circuit.

ICTMN compiled the best Tweets from #FSUlogo. See our picks and add your comments on the new logo.






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