Buddy the lucky dog somehow survived the horrific Washington mudslide, something his equally lucky family also managed. The Kuntz klan was fortunately away from their home when disaster struck.

How Did I Miss That? Dog Defies Death; Daniels Does Dylan

Steve Russell

Let’s hear it for Buddy!

The Kuntz family was away from their Darrington, Washington home watching a ball game when the deadly mudslide destroyed it. Time turned muddy to dusty, and the family was videotaping a sad pilgrimage back to the rubble—when they heard a dog whining. I do hope somebody found that dog a drink of water.

My Cousin Ray Sixkiller was watching Randy Mastro, the lawyer from Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher LLP, explain how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had surrounded himself with liars and crooks—without ever having a clue. “Christie must’ve hired this guy,” Ray said between guffaws, “because Baghdad Bob wasn’t available.”

The Boston Globe reported that Channel 4 in the UK paid Holocaust denier David Irving just under $5,000 for a lock of Adolf Hitler’s hair, supposedly collected by Hitler’s personal barber deploying sticky tape on the soles of his shoes. The Globe quoted the station’s defense: "We wanted to obtain a sample of Hitler's DNA because scientific analysis of it could provide a key biological component to one of the most significant biographies in history." Cousin Ray pictured Sioux families digging though heirloom possessions for any George Armstrong Custer DNA.

Rachel Maddow reported that California Democrats have had veto-proof super-majorities in both legislative chambers since the last elections. The good news is they have gotten state finances under control for the first time in years. The bad news is that one party corruption is already setting in, with three Democratic senators facing felony indictments.


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