Grubbe Re-Elected Tribal Council Chairman in Tribal Elections


Jeff L. Grubbe was recently re-elected to a second consecutive two-year term as the tribal council chairman for the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs, California.

Larry N. Olinger was re-elected as tribal council vice chairman for a two-year term.

Other tribal council positions decided by the tribal election were: Vincent Gonzales III being re-elected as tribal council secretary/treasurer; Anthony J. Andreas III re-elected to a fifth consecutive one-year term as council member.

Reid D. Milanovich, son of late chairman Richard M. Milanovich, was elected for a one-year term as council member.

Tribal Council elections are a matter of tribal law, and are managed privately by the Election Board according to a tribal press release. The March 18 elections were certified and became on April 1 when all members were sworn in.

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