Summer Vacation Is Coming!

Steve Russell

There’s a message on top of the reviews on TripAdvisor that reads, "TRAVEL ALERT: SAFETY AND SECURITY CONCERNS," (see photo above) but a quick look at the reviews suggests some people may be willing to risk it.

Jared B. from North Carolina writes, “After a lovely tour of the many places to buy things I didn’t need, top things off with a great meal at Aziz’s.  Get the kebabs!”

Marrowsnap, who claims to be from “Atlantis,” writes, “Friday nights are a festival of culinary delight! Start your adventure at about 1700 and go from dining facility to dining facility sampling the various versions of surf and turf (aka carp and camel) to your heart’s desire. As the sun sets over the western ridges you will feel a rumbling. Now it’s the time to find a low traffic Portajohn or “green room” and sit down to a reading of a month old Stars and Stripes…"

Happyavnx from Oklahoma complains “Free Internet for airmen; $120 a month for Army. Latrines are crowded and dirty. Showers are always out of hot water. Food is OK…."

Homer T. from Kentucky raves, “I could not suggest a better place to visit in beautiful Afghanistan. North dfac has the best omelets. Warrior Green Bean has the warmest coffee. Yelner dfac has the smelliest TCN’s. Don’t forget to shop till ya drop at the outdoor bazaar, and get some fresh air over by the burn pit.”

The reviews above were posted on TripAdvisor for those contemplating the tourist spa known as Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. See your local military recruiter for the best deals on travel arrangements.

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