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He Killed His Art to Prove a Point. Now He's Making a Film About It

Alex Jacobs

Luger and McLaughlin were allowed access to IAIA’s permanent collection and discovered a treasure trove of old video documentation. So they will be using footage resourced from The Institute of American Indian Arts archives juxtaposed with interviews by current Native artists, activists and scholars. These pieces will be tied together with the thread of Native Art and specifically the MoCNA exhibition mentioned above. This project is very important because it will create a multi-faceted conversation, allowing a space to understand the possible causes and effects of stereotypes. They will offer various perspectives regarding these misconceptions, and will invite the viewer to practice critical thinking in the future when addressing stereotypes. The vision is to make a free digital dialogue to open a conversation and create understanding from an academic and human perspective.

The filmmakers have confirmed interviews with: 1491’s, Indigenous Activist and Comedian Collective; Douglas Miles, Founder of Apache Skateboards, Artist/Activist; Frank Buffalo Hyde, Artist/Pop Cultural Activist; Steve Fadden, Scholar IAIA; Bob Haozous, Chiricahua Apache Sculptor.

The idea behind the film will be to invite the audience to ask their own questions, not to simply understand the information they will view about Native identity and stereotypes in this film, but to utilize that information and become active participants in society, thinking critically when making decisions regarding culture and appropriation. We hope to inspire people to seek out their own answers.” - Cannupa Hanska Luger and Dylan McLaughlin.

There are several reward categories for donations, they include stickers, prints, T-Shirts, producer credits, special editions of clay slip Beat Boxes signed by the artist, and Shadow Box framed prints of your favorite stereotype complete with shard from the destruction event. To keep up on the project, follow Cannupa Hanska Luger on Facebook at facebook.com/cannupa.


Alex Jacobs

Santa Fe NM

April 10, 2014


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