Miley Tongue, uh, we mean Cyrus.

How Did I Miss That? Sanctions Smack Miley; Cajun Duck Sauciness

Steve Russell

The Times Picayune reported that “family values” congressman Vance McAllister was caught on video kissing a married staffer. I didn’t think that was a big deal until the video showed a “get a room!” kind of kiss. 

McAllister said “there’s no doubt I’ve fallen short…” confirming that he has joined Louisiana Sen. David Vitter in advocating family values only for other people. “Look at the bright side for his supporters,” my Cousin Ray Sixkiller reminded me, “the other party was female.” She’s also out of a job, having “resigned,” and McAllister has called for an FBI investigation into who leaked the video.

Rep. McAllister’s first major accomplishment in office was to invite Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson to the State of the Union Address. His second was on April 9, when he saved the taxpayers money by withdrawing his demand for an FBI investigation.


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