UND Student Government Can’t Overturn Veto of Denied Pow Wow Meal Funding

Vincent Schilling

Yesterday, the University of North Dakota’s Student Government was unable to reach the two-thirds majority vote needed to overturn a veto by UND's student president that would have granted funding for the University of North Dakota’s Indian Association’s (UNDIA) cultural meal. The vote was 7-4 in favor of granting the $2,000.

The meal, known as the “Buffalo Feed,” is a meal provided by UNDIA students as part of the ‘Time Out Week’ pow wow. The food offered by students is a way to express appreciation and share culture with guests, volunteers and attendees.

The evening before that vote, on Wednesday, UND Student Body President Nick Creamer appeared on the local television news program 6:30 POV and discussed his position. He also mentioned his support for the sorority that posted the banner that said “You Can Take Away Our Mascot, But You Can’t Take Away Our Pride.”

The 6:30 POV Program host Chris Berg also asked Creamer why he posted the tweet which simply stated: #FightingSiouxForever, and if he regretted it.

Creamer said that he did not think the sorority had a racist intention and that he should not have tweeted it, but Creamer did not delete his tweet.

The 6:30 POV program then invited former UNDIA president BJ Rainbow to share his opinion on the vote and the mood on the UND campus. Rainbow described how the first ceremonies in support of the Fighting Sioux logo were in support of positive things happening, which has not been the case in the logo’s history.

Jayde Serich, a senior at University of North Dakota, who is the vice president of the Indian Studies Association was present during the vote by the student government. She expressed disappointment with the outcome.


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