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Uinversity of Louisville Head Coach Jeff Waltz gives Shoni Schimmel some instructions

Louisville Coach Talks About 'Life After Shoni'

Jack McNeel

What effect, if any, will Shoni leaving have on Jude’s play?

Jude has made a name for herself this past year and a half for what she’s able to do on the basketball court. I think Jude will continue to grow and mature. She’s a young junior because she skipped a grade in high school. Another year of maturity is going to help Jude.

When you recruited Shoni did you have any idea how much support Louisville women’s basketball would get from Native Americans?

Jude Schimmel and Jeff Waltz (Associated Press)

No. I’m not sure anybody expected that. It’s not just our home games, it’s our road games too. They support the team and want to get autographs and the great thing is they’re not just asking for autographs from Shoni and Jude, it’s everybody on the team. I think we made a lot of Louisville women’s basketball fans.

Any change in thoughts about recruiting Indian basketball players after having Shoni and Jude?

I never had any negative ideas in my mind beforehand. I’m a big believer in recruiting all players, getting to know their families and figure out if they’ll be a good fit for us. We’re going to continue to recruit players from everywhere. Native Americans, it doesn’t matter. We’ve shown our city, and our program, and our university embraces all [of it].

Anything else you’d like to add about Shoni?

Just that it was a remarkable four years. It’s amazing how fast it’s gone. I tell our players, enjoy every second of it every day because it goes so fast. I think Shoni has really taken that to heart and had a great experience and we’ve enjoyed having her.



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