Yellowstone National Park, full of beautiful sights and sounds, is not going anywhere any time soon, scientists say.

Video: Time-Lapse of Timeless Yellowstone Belies Impending-Explosion Rumors


Lately Yellowstone National Park has been in the news, battling a rumor that it is about to explode.

A few mild earthquakes have shaken up the volcanic park, making people think it is about to blow. A YouTube video of bison supposedly running from the park, which fueled fears that the volcanic system that Yellowstone sits on was about to erupt, was shown to be a hoax (they were actually running toward the park, as The Daily Beast reported). Not only that, but the video was filmed weeks before the March 30, 4.8-magnitude earthquake that supposedly caused them to run, said.

The U.S. Geological Survey released a short FAQ on April 2 to counteract what it called the “flurry of news, real and imagined, about the Yellowstone volcanic system.” First of all, the USGS said of the recent spate of tremors, “earthquakes are elevated, but are not unusual for Yellowstone.” Then there are the running animals, which as previously stated, are not leaving the park in the video in question, and would not be exhibiting odd behavior if they did, since bison are known to search for food outside Yellowstone during the winter months, which is when they were filmed.

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Lastly, about that escaping hydrogen that has some people worried: Don’t go there. And if you must, do it via the Slate video or this Los Angeles Times story, the USGS says.

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Meanwhile, just to calm everybody down, here is yet another video of Yellowstone’s timeless beauty, captured ineffably in, you guessed it, time-lapse.

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