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Education Must Pave the Way for Happiness, 13 year-old Says

Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez

Is our education system preparing us for the kind of world mine and future generations will be left with?

We are living in a very precarious time, much different then when our parents and our grandparents grew up and went to school. Since the Industrial Revolution, people were educated in a system to fulfill the American dream by becoming a part of a workforce that left many working long hours, and making very little money, while filling the pockets of the one percent. They developed this mindset that in order to be happy, they needed material things: a bigger house, more money, and a nicer car. Society's standards of “success.”

But, they were tricked into thinking that the only way to be “happy” was to go through 12 years of school, go to a good college, get a degree most times in an area they weren’t even passionate about. All of this in the race to make money, to become successful, they lost sight of what it truly means to be happy, and take care of the source that gives us life. This mind set is literally destroying our Earth.

We are on the brink of an ecological apocalypse in which our Earth is warming because of the amount of carbon and methane we are putting into the air. This is causing weather patterns to change so dramatically that people are being affected all over the planet with an incredible increase in global disasters. Extreme hurricanes, droughts, floods, tsunamis and typhoons are being seen now as the norm of what we should expect in our future.

Are we being given the tools that we will need to deal with our changing planet?

Erin Shea-Bower, a fifth-grade elementary school teacher says, “I don’t think were getting the whole story. I would say that certainly the science we have in our classrooms in terms of books isn’t keeping up with the science, so teachers are completely at a loss for materials. This generation is not being prepared for this changing world, and I would venture to say that if we don’t open our eyes soon, there’s going to be some devastating things that force us to open our eyes.”


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