A screenshot from “Clash of the West Cowboys Shootout.”

Racist Game Justifies Murder of Mexicans and Indians

Simon Moya-Smith

“[The game creators] aren’t thinking about how others may be impacted by it,” he said, adding that the images emphasize white dominance.

“Clearly,” he said, “from the images of the game alone, you’ve got your heroic Custeresque-looking cowboy with their flowing locks and big chest and they’re shooting a bunch of brown people. I mean, there’s just no getting around that—that imagery alone is disturbing, problematic. It reinforces stereotypes about the dominance of white men and the subordinance of people of color in this case because it’s just not limited to Indians in this example.”

In an email to ICTMN, Audra Simpson, Kahnawake Mohawk, an associate professor of anthropology at Columbia University in New York City, wrote that, in this game, the antagonists’ parentage is crime enough.

“This appears as a very base, cartoon-like template for literally ‘playing’ or gaming the ‘conquering’ of the American West, where white men are rendered in the same bodily form, indistinguishable from each other [and] are made equal in their purpose: virtue and desire,” she wrote. “The virtue is ‘fighting crime’ and the ‘desire’ is for riches. But what is the crime of the so-called criminals they are fighting? Being brown and being in the way. It is nothing short of playing racialized violence, as these white men are killing the bodies of brown others for that purpose. Quite ugly. What were these game-makers thinking? The reviewers of it on iTunes are suitably unimpressed, I hope for the right reasons.”

Currently, there are a number of Western-theme mobile games available for download, but none that pit white cowboys against Mexicans and Indians. 

Representatives of EMax Inc Enterprise did not respond to ICTMN’s request for comment.


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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
FINALLY, a game created for the America that the Tea Party wants to return to! They're always bitching about wanting to "return to the good old days," but I could never personally figure out when those days were. I mean, not everyone was having a good time in the good old days. African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Native Americans and most other minorities had almost no rights. Then it hit me, the racist Tea Party wants to return to the days when you could buy a Black man and still hunt Mexicans and Indians.

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