How about some jelly bean art for Easter?

10 Native-Themed Easter Gifts and Basket Stuffers—No Seriously

Vincent Schilling

Nothing—and I mean nothing—says Easter like Native American gifts. Wait, what? That’s not true at all. Just enjoy the article.

We all loved the Easter Bunny when we were kids, right? Except we never really knew if it was an actual rabbit, or a giant-sized stuffed creature like those you see at the mall. Okay I’m a little weirded out now.

Anyway, since this is a Native publication and Easter is coming up on April 20—let’s celebrate some Easter merriment—Native Style! So here you are, 10 Native-themed Easter gifts to stuff in your basket this year.

Southwest Style Easter Eggs

Just go grab your vial of India ink, felt tipped pens, clear plastic varnish (yes varnish) and a beautiful Native basket to put them in and presto! You’re an instant Easter Indian. Enjoy! (Find instructions here.)

Put some Southwest style into your Easter celebration (Juanita Brown)

Chocolate Native American

Are you sick and tired of biting the ears off your chocolate Easter Bunny? ME TOO! How about instead of deafening that poor chocolate bunny (it has no ears, get it—never mind), now you get to bite off a chocolate chief’s headdress! It’s only $4 at the Dunmore Candy Kitchen.

Forget biting the ears off chocolate Easter bunnies, check out this guy! (Dunmore Candy Kitchen)


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