Whose show is it anyway? Alexie went toe-to-toe with the bombastic Colbert in 2008 and 2009.

And Stephen Colbert's Replacement Is...Sherman Alexie?

Mark Trahant

The big news in television is that Stephen Colbert will succeed David Letterman as host of The Late Show. It's a huge step for Colbert, CBS, and for popular culture.

But what about Colbert's soon-to-be-old time slot on Comedy Central, the half-hour following The Daily Show?

Sherman Alexie would be the perfect host of a news-comedy show. Think about what he could bring to Comedy Central: Intelligence, youth, hipness, banned books, irreverence, stories from Indian country, and passion. All this in addition to requirement no. 1 for the job: Being funny as hell. Everything you need for a hit TV show.

Alexie already rocked that audience twice with his appearances on the Colbert Report -- during one episode, it was hard to remember which of them was the host, because Alexie took over the interview. At the Colbert Report website, you can see both the 2008 interview and 2009 interview.

Alexie is a storyteller who knows how to grab an audience. As a Los Angeles Times writer once described Alexie's performance: "Fans are known to walk away from Alexie's book signings gasping for air, wiping their eyes."

What about calling the show, "The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time News Host?"

Could Indian country make this happen? Could we let Comedy Central, and the world, know just how funny and smart Alexie is? Why not? All we need to do is to stir up the world of social media, generating hundreds of thousands of tweets and likes from would-be-viewers.

So how about it, Comedy Central? Hashtag #MakeAlexieNextHost

There is also a Facebook page for this campaign: www.facebook.com/ShermanAlexieforComedyCentralHost

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