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Reader-submitted photo of a festival-goer getting down to the Pet Shop Boys.

Hipster Headdresses at Coachella: Yep, It Happened


We're fully aware we risk over-covering the cultural-appropriation idiocy of Coachella, but a pair of ICTMN readers have sent us their snaps fresh from the 2014 festival, which is in its second and final weekend right now, and they're share-worthy. The lingerie model in the massive headdress gearing up for the fest and the high-priced tipis-for-rent danced around the assumption that this phenomenon hasn't gone away, but here's the photographic proof.

Bad habits die hard. (Thanks for trying, Buzzfeed, it was a good effort.)

A Coachella attendee in headdress on his way to the Motorhead show. Source: Reader submission.
This guy is pretty sure Skrillex was digging his feathers. Source: Reader submission.
Two confused music lovers can't figure out which stage Neutral Milk Hotel is playing. Source: Reader submission.
Mad bummed: Neutral Milk Hotel hasn't played together in 14 years, and this guy just missed it. Sweet war bonnet though. Source: Reader submission.

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