Kansas City to Host the North American Indian Tennis Association Championships


Press Release

(Kansas City, MO) –  The North American Indian Tennis Association (NAITA) has selected Kansas City, Missouri to host its 38th Annual NAITA Championships during Memorial Day Weekend on May 24-26.

Kansas City was selected to host the event due to its central location, outstanding tennis facilities, favorable weather, family-friendly attractions, and world-famous barbecue. Tribal members of all nations are invited to participate in this holiday event full of new and old friends, food, fellowship, and a weekend of great tennis.

All ages and skill levels are welcome and there will be free youth clinics, gift bags, T-shirts, a raffle, dinner banquet (friends and family welcome!), with plenty of competition, new friends, and fun! The NAITA will be sending more information out as it becomes available throughout the spring and updates and registration information will be available on its Facebook group: North American Indian Tennis Association.

The NAITA was founded in 1976 for the purpose of bringing together Native American tennis players of all ages and skill levels representing various tribes across the United States to participate in national competition. The event promotes the sharing of culture, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and tennis as a lifelong healthy activity. In addition, the organization has grown over the years to include a strong focus on introducing Native American youth to the sport.

For more information, please contact Yawna Allen, NAITA Board Member: [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.

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