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Kansas Begaye of Rio Rancho was crowned Miss Indian World at the Annual Gathering of Nations pow wow in 2013

Miss Indian World 2014: Changing Their Lives, Changing the World

Christina Rose

She is proud of the struggles they faced and recalled the birth of her grandmother, Avis Sam. “She was born in -60 degrees, in a tent in Alaska. Her father kept her warm by bundling her in a squirrel’s nest.”

About traveling to Albuquerque, Northway said, “I am very, very excited. My family knows that I am reaching my dream. I am going for them.”

As the reign of the 2013 Miss Indian World comes to an end, the upbeat Begaye said her year was inspirational. “It was the experience of a lifetime! I traveled a lot, and focused my time speaking in schools and at pows wows.  I learned a lot about so many different cultures and languages, the different was everything I thought it would be and and more. It changed my life.”

As a Native American traditional recording artist, Begaye said she will use her upcoming extra time to record a new album.

The competition is based on public speaking, a personal interview, traditional presentation, and the dance and essay. The 2014 Miss Indian World Pageant will be held on April 22-26 at the University of New Mexico Arena "The Pit," in Albuquerque, New Mexico.





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